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Hi! I am Li Wei, a technology enthusiast who loves enjoys reading the latest technology trends as well as passionate about developing and designing websites.

During 2015 I was a member of the microcomputer society in high school, and I self-taught myself for web-frontend development such as HTML, CSS as well as basic Javascript programming.

Until the Year 2016, I decided to learn more about backend web programming using PHP language as well as the Laravel Web Framework.

In 2017, I started to learn about VueJS - a Javascript framework that relies on virtual DOM to interact with the DOM element.

Until now, I have been using two of these frontend and backend web framework for my full-stack development. However, it is not enough for this since technology and development trend are keeping evolving.

As to improve my skill and keep on track of the trending software development technology, I always keep self-learning during my free time. In 2018, I got an offer for my internship program and continuing serving IT Wonders Web as a full-time web developer job until I get into my degree program. It was that year, I gained some basic knowledge of cross-platform mobile app development using a framework which is Flutter that is created by Google. But as for myself, I am still a rookie when on mobile app development.

This year, I set up a goal on learning Go Language for two years transition of my web development workflow since most of the micro-services is developed and scale efficiently using Go.

For my personality, I am an introverted guy, but I am still able to blend into groups of peoples the only thing is it takes time for me to build the relation while meeting with new people.

That's all about me. Thanks for reading!